I am a PhD student in journalism and media studies at the University of Strathclyde. I have been living in Scotland for two years and have been enjoying every minute. I am originally from the United States. When I am not working on my PhD, I like to watch as much Netflix as possible, spend time with friends, and this year I have started to surf.  


I have completed my Bachelor's degree in Communications with a specialisation in Digital Media and a Master's degree in Digital Journalism. I started a PhD in Journalism in January of 2019. My research focuses on gender, media representation, and US/UK politics. I also have a Digital Marketing Certification from the University of Illinois, and I studied abroad for one semester at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. 


I started my career at a publishing company called Brookes Publishing. As a Publishing Assistant for Brookes and their partner company Health Professions Press (HPP), I communicated with publishers about licensing agreements, designed informational posters and E-blasts, and completed other administrative tasks. In Scotland, I have continued my career with three placements at news organisations. I completed work placements at the Herald Scotland, the Scottish Sun, and the Times Scotland. My internships gave me experience writing for a variety of platforms, maintaining blogs and social media accounts, and creating SEO to push online traffic. I am always looking for new career opportunities, so I can continue to improve my skill. 

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